Hemorrhoids Treatment Through Hemorrhoidectomy Techniques

It's in my genes to be susceptible to hemorrhoids so to prepare myself, I researched all about the best kind of hemorrhoids treatment. There are internal medicines you can take that act as laxatives or softeners to make bowel movement easier. There are also other hemorrhoid treatments that are applied externally near the rectal area to nurse the pain. Other methods of treatment also involve the modification of a diet such as only eating food that helps the digestive system. This in turn, aids in bowel movement to make it less painful for the person who is suffering from hemorrhoids. And then lastly there is the invasive method of surgery to remove hemorrhoids. This particular treatment caught my interest because I did not know hemorrhoids could be that grave for one to have to resort to surgery.

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I wanted to know more about it so I focused on researching more about this method. Surgical removal of hemorrhoids is actually labeled as one of many hemorrhoidectomy techniques. "Techniques" being that there is more than one way to remove hemorrhoids. I guessed that these techniques will depend on what the patient is most comfortable with and what the doctor recommends is for the best.

After reading all those vivid details of how the surgeries are administered, I felt a little bit sick to my stomach. The condition itself already sounded painful, I don't know how much more for the surgery. It mentioned that they use anesthesia, but either way, I still don't want to come to a point where surgery will be involved. Just to make sure, I'm avoiding spicy food because my friends tell me they can cause hemorrhoids. I also followed the advice I found online. In order to prevent hemorrhoids, eating gassy food is the way to go. I'm also going to practice having a regular bowel movement because I found out that constipation can also cause hemorrhoids. I'm doing whatever it takes not to get them.

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