Unfortunately, in the last few months I've developed tendinitis

Unfortunately, in the last few months I've developed tendinitis in both of my wrists (well it's actually tendinopathy as I've had it for this long. Tendinitis is usually inflammation that only lasts for about 2 weeks so when it goes on for longer it becomes tendinopathy.) I believe that I've developed it due to my 9-6 computer based job. It is quite literally such a pain because I can't not work but I know I need to not work so that I can rest my wrists. Talk about a Catch 22 situation!

As it got progressively worse, I became more worried about it and knew I had to take action to put myself more at ease during my working day, and also so that it wouldn't have a lasting long term effect (I'm really hoping it won't.) The first thing I did was take some anti-inflammatory's which help reduce the inflammation and pain. I bought wrist supports for both my keyboard and mouse and readjusted my workstation so that I wasn't straining myself. For this, I just looked up some ergonomic videos on YouTube.

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It has been about 3 weeks since I adjusted my workspace and I'm finally starting to notice a positive difference. I still feel pain towards the end of each day but that's better than feeling it from 9am throughout the entire day. I also reached out to a physio business that is in the same building as my office. As we all know, physios can be expensive but more often than not they are worth every penny if it helps you feel better and get you on the road to recovery. The website had an 'Ask us a question' section so I emailed a quick note about my condition and asked for suggestions on stretches to do, and also what exercise is ok for me to do. I can't tell you how happy and relieved I was to get a comprehensive reply with a PDF of stretches to do, ergonomic suggestions for my desk and feedback on what exercise is still ok for me to do. I had been to see my doctor about the pain at the very beginning but all I was told to do was rest. Pretty much impossible in any job, especially a desk job, so I was delighted to get some stretches to do to help. Also, the physio understood that rest wasn't an option so suggested to work for 40 minutes at a time and take a 5 minute break to give my wrists regular breaks. To be honest, I haven't been following this as much as I have the stretches. Mainly because I lose track of time at work and also because I'm quite busy so I can't take regular breaks like that. I do what I can though and make sure I do the stretches 3 times a day as suggested. Some of them are quite subtle and just look like I'm doing some meditation at my desk, others look like I'm calling upon the sun gods and get me a few concerned looks but my colleagues are getting used to it now.

Onto the exercise part now! As you know by now, I work out regularly. When my tendinopathy got quite bad, I had just been signed up to the gym with my corporate membership and I had been so excited about starting weight training. I was absolutely gutted because I knew I couldn't go lifting anything heavy in this condition. However, I also knew that if I minded myself and recovered, in time I would eventually be able to do weights so I just told myself to be patient. My gym has a pool, it's quite small at 15m but hey it does the job, so I've done some swimming which was approved by the physio. I've also been given the ok to do spinning classes so long as I don't grip the handlebars, just rest my hands on them so that's good too. Two cardio exercises that are still ok to do, and of course I still have running. I'm still doing my core workout that I posted a few months back (with some slight variations to make it tougher) and I'm working my legs a lot more too. I've done myself up a leg workout plan so that makes me happy to know I still have plenty of options for workouts while my wrists recover. I never thought I'd miss being able to plank but it's only when something is taken away from you that you realise how much you want it. I really hope that the pain and inflammation continue to subside and eventually disappear and never bother me again! But even if it does come back every so often, I know that I can manage it. I've been managing it in my ankle for the past two years so what's another two limbs.

Look after yourselves people, your body is so valuable and an incredible piece of biological engineering, but unfortunately it can be damaged too. It's true what they say; your health is your wealth.

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