An extraordinary experience for an extraordinary cause...

But today was different. Even though she was dressed in nice clothes, we left together. Yip. Yoree.

With my head out the window, I lapped up the air on the drive across town. Lovely day. Lovely smells. We parked in front of the Phoenician hotel in Scottsdale. Connie wrapped my Gabriel's Angels vest around my chest.Wow, we are going into the hotel. Nice digs! More dogs are here too! All the dogs were wearing Gabriel's Angels purple vests- just like me. Hmmm. What's this all about?

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We rode the elevator down (I still don't like the feel of elevators) and entered a big room filled with lots of smells! There we're lots of little dogs, big dogs and people.I could smell food too! I sensed that this was not just any old regular day. And I knew that this was not a place to play. I stayed close to Connie and knew I was not to sniff or hang close to the other dogs.

We entered another big room with lots of round tables. We sat at one table and greeted people at the table and those who came by to say Hi to me.I was laying in the aisle way between two tables.There wasn't any room to scrunch up between the chairs at the table.Some of the people walking by didn't see me laying on the floor. They tripped over me and mentioned how big I am (I'm a sleek 78 pounds). I enjoy meeting new people but this was a bit overwhelming. Before everyone sat down at the table and before Connie realized, I squeezed between the chairs and under the table. The table cloth was long and reached the floor. It was a nice cozy place to spend the morning. I snoozed some and also watched the pairs of feet around me from time to time.

But the most important part of the day was why 45 dogs and over 900 people we're here today. I've told you about Gabriel's Angels and my therapy team work in previous blogs. Their mission is to deliver smiles and healing pet therapy to abused, neglected and at-risk children, helping them to love and trust,giving hope and bringing smiles.

Gabriels Angels hosted this an annual event (their 10th)to generate awareness about their work as well as to generate program funding. Through stories and a video, the attendees got a clear picture of the work Gabriels Angels does in the community.Not even a yip, bark, howl, yelp, growl or huff was heard out of any of the 45 dogs (including me) during the presentation and breakfast. We we're all quiet and respectful and we're happy to be chosen to be ambassadors of Gabriel's Angels.

After the event, I was relieved to get outside to check out the lush grass- Ahhhhhh! if you know what I mean. Then we hung out in the front of the Phoenician for the valet to bring our car around. It was a very special day to remember - just like the Oscar Night for Famous Fidos.

I can't wait to tell you my first visi tto Sojourner Center (a shelter for families)as a therapy dog team. We visited little kids. Stayed tuned for my next post.

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