Let's get to know him a little better. The sun sends out a spectrum of rays that reach earth. They are Ultraviolet (UV) Rays, and are naked to the human eye.

The two types of rays we speak of in sun care are UVA and UVB.

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UVA is a ray that causes long term skin damage such as wrinkles, sun spots, and cancer. UVB is a shorter ray that causes both long term and immediate skin damage. Sun burn is caused by UVB.

Sun protection factor (SPF) is the scale we use to measure protection from UVB. A sunscreen labeled "Broad Spectrum" protects your skin against both UVA and UVB, so the SPF number indicated is indicative of protected for both types of rays.


"Wah! The sun is bad for me!"

Nope! The National Skin Cancer Foundation recommends 25-30 minutes of sun exposure, according to their 2014 guidelines. What gets tricky there- is we often forget to add up all the exposed time of our daily activities. Thirty minutes adds up quite quick!

"Gimme the highest SPF you have!"

The NSCF gives a guideline of an SPF of 30 or higher for extended outdoor activities. There is also a broad recommendation saying that SPF 15 should be used daily, year-round.

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