Get Rid of Blackheads by Just Using Water!

There are a lot of products out there that can help get rid of blackheads, but some of these can be expensive and actually clog the pores. Trying out all natural remedies at home to start is the best way to see if any of them work and save some money! The easiest way that most people get rid of blackheads at home is by using some water!

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Start off by heating up some water until it boils in a really large pot. After this, take it off the heat and put a towel over the top while you put your face near it. Don't burn your chin and make sure you don't get too close. You just want to be close enough to have the hot steam hit your face and open up your pores. After this you should be able to scrub off blackheads and close the pores back up with cold water.

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