When the weather gets this hot there are a few precautions needed to...

When the weather gets this hot there are a few precautions needed to stay healthy. Drink water! That should go without saying but in a dry climate you don't always realize just how thirsty you are. If you are new to Morocco, make that bottled water. Beware of melons and other soft fruits. Do not eat them on the street no matter how tempting it may seem and make sure when you take them home to refrigerate them well before eating. Bacteria builds up quickly on the moist surface of the fruit and can lead to nasty stomach problems. Westerners are used to air-conditioned spaces, but the truth is, A/C is not healthy in heavy doses and rushing in and out from cold to extreme hot to cold is not good for you either. Don't forget the sunscreen because in sun this hot and this bright, sunburn can happen before you even realize you forgot the sunscreen.

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Heatstroke from standing in direct sun or from exercising during the hottest parts of the day is another risk. It is best to find some shade while waiting for that bus or taxi and reschedule your exercise periods to cooler early mornings or move indoors. One young woman told me she ignored friendly warnings not to go running and spent two days trying to get her equilibrium back.

And don't forget your pets - give them fresh water several times daily and make sure they either have a shady resting place or can spend the hottest part of the day inside the house.

One of the odd things about spending the whole year in Morocco is that when the hotspell passes and the cold winter weather returns and we find ourselves bundled and huddled around a heater inside the house, it hard to believe it could ever get this hot.

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